Best Types of Footwear to look Super Chic

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There are many options available when it comes to choosing footwear which not only looks good but add to your style and comfort. Today we are sharing some of the most common and must have footwear designs and styles with all of you. You can choose the footwear according to your choice and preference. So let’s check out the types of footwear you should try to look super chic and classy:

Canvas shoes: Canvas shoes look very classy and give very attractive look to your overall appearance. Canvas shoes are very light shoes which has canvas upper i.e. a coarse cloth material.  It is the basic type of shoes which can be worn every day and these are also called sneakers.  

Flats:  Flat footwear is one of the most common kind of footwear which is available in everyone’s closet. This footwear is flat from the bottom and are without heels. There are many options available when it comes to choosing a flat footwear.

Vintage shoes:  Vintage shoes are always in fashion. They are evergreen and look gorgeous at every occasion. If you want to wear that stylish and classy footwear then vintage shoes are the one which you are looking for.

High heels: High heels make you look sassy and sexy. They give a perfect stylish look to your dress and complete your look. Heels like pencil heels, block heels etc. are a must haves for every girl.

Wedges:  Wedges make your look complete. They are super comfortable and extremely stylish. They must be there in every girl’s footwear collection.

Sandals: If you do not have sandals in your footwear collection then your footwear collection is incomplete for sure. Sandals like minimalist sandals make you look super pretty and amazing. Overall, to have a collection of pretty sandals is a must. They complement every look perfectly.

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