5 types of Footwear you Need to Grab Right Now

When it comes to staying in fashion then we can note down a huge list of must haves. There are clothes, accessories and this items list is nearly endless. One of the most important things that keep you in fashion and the people notice at the first sight is the footwear you are wearing. Thus it is really important to buy some pretty and stylish heels to make an everlasting impact. A good footwear is generally a very understated accessory in a woman’s wardrobe so our main focus of discussion today is a “Footwear”.


pumps for women

Today we are going to share some basic and must have footwear’s then every girl must own. Here we go:

Canvas shoes: There is no doubt that canvas shoes are a must have in every girls wardrobe. These look really good and go very well with almost every kind of outfit, be it a skirt or jeans.

Court heels: Court heels really look super amazing. These heels give an amazing grace and style to your overall appearance. If you want to add some stylish and attractive look to your overall personality then these court heels are a must have.


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Flat sandals: No girl can afford to miss a good pair of flat sandals in her shoe collection. Flat sandals are an absolute have. These can worn anywhere and look good regardless of the event or occasion.

Sport shoes: Sport shoes are extremely useful and can be worn on daily basis. These go well for playing sports or jogging and any other physical exercise.

High heels: No footwear looks as stylish and chic a high heel. You can try out satin heels which look amazing. These pumps can totally transform the whole look. These pumps add a very elegant and classy touch to your dress and your overall appearance. If you are looking to buy some amazing pumps and other kinds of footwear then do check out https://up2step.com/

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  1. I love shoes! I only bought new dog walking shoes in 2020 as we weren’t leaving the house for any other reason but I’m hoping to have a reason for new ones soon x


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