How to be Happy and Feel Alive?

Do you feel sad and feel out of place wherever you go? The charm and happiness that was there when you were a child is now completely vanished? You always feel empty and want to go away very far? And you badly feel complete lack of happiness?

Stay Happy and Positive

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Maybe you have a good family and have good friends, you also may have huge bank balance but still you feel empty? If all these things or some of these things apply to you then all you need to do is to change your thinking and thoughts.

The most important reason behind your sadness is your negative thoughts. This is the most important thing that most of us don’t realize until we get in a situation which is out of control and the time has come when we must see a consultant or a psychiatrist.

But question arises that how to change our thoughts and behavior despite all the negativity around? Those negative things could be your failing marriage, your troublesome in-laws, your bullying boss, hectic job/troublesome business or your physical health and the list goes on.

Though its not very easy to change your thinking process and your thoughts but it need a little effort and a lot of willingness to do the same.

Stay Happy

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Today we are sharing 10 very simple steps that would help you to feel happy and lively. You can easily live happily if you follow these steps:

  • Take it easy: no matter what has happened or what is going to happen, if you can’t do anything about it or can’t change it then let to go and take it easy.
  • Own yourself: take up your charge. Whatever you are and whatever you think and feel then do own it and feel confident about it.
  • Follow your intuition: do follow what you feel, don’t ignore your intuitions and your feelings about things and people.
  • Smile, smile and smile: whatever is the situation simply smile and feel good. Smiling calms your mind and body and you feel good and fresh. Nothing could be as refreshing as a nice smiling face. Someone rightly said “Life is so much better when you are laughing”
  • Push yourself out of your comfort zone: we all feel comfortable in one or the other thing and we are so reluctant to get out of that comfortable zone thus we miss out lots of opportunity and things. So its extremely important to get out of your comfort zone.
  • Love yourself and your body: you are a perfect creation of God. All you can do is to work on your weaknesses and try to be a better person. Eat well, sleep well, go for exercise, do Yoga and pamper yourself.
  • Care about people and positive relationships and don’t run after meaningless things.
  • Do things and activities that make you feel alive and make you feel fresh such as your hobbies and interests.
  • Have a feeling of gratitude: this feeling is so powerful that it can take you places and the more you practice it, the happier you feel.
  • Live in the moment, take constant motivation and enjoy life to the fullest.

These are some of the steps to be followed if you want to feel happy. We are sure that if you follow these then you can be a happier person.

Do remember “Happiness is the state of mind, change your attitude and change your life”

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