12 Ways to Increase the Subscriber Base of Your YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel is a step in the right direction towards popularising yourself or brand. It is also one of the best ways to make money online. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and it gets even better when the picture is enhanced with motion and audio thus a video as in the case of YouTube. 

While creating a YouTube channel is good, getting a solid and large subscriber base is the sure test for many people who are just beginning. So what is that you can do in order to increase the subscriber base of your YouTube channel?

In this content piece we help take you through some amazing 12 ways to increase the subscriber base of your YouTube channel:

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  1. Give your subscriber value and quality content

When it comes to uploading videos on your YouTube channel ensure that upload quality content that offers value to your viewers. It is never a good idea to upload content just for the sake of it people are always looking for quality and value.

  1. The videos you post should always be good and must be frequent

It is a good idea to always post that feature value and quality to the viewers. Make sure that you maintain consistency in the quality of videos and ensure you do so frequently. This helps to keep the subscribers you already have waiting for more because they know they are waiting for quality and value. It is even better to stick to schedule as this will help to earn you loyal followers.

  1. Optimize your channel

Always think of the keyword use of the title and description of the videos you put up there. It could even be more effective if you optimized the channel name of your YouTube channel page. Don’t forget to include the keywords that your prospects are looking for in their searches.

  1. Ask viewers of your videos to subscribe

Once you have put quality videos on your channel, and the viewers are finding them good, you could kindly call on those who haven’t subscribed yet to do so.

  1. Offer an incentive

Another sure way that you could entice those viewing videos on your channel is to offer some kind of incentive that would drive them to subscribe. It could be a gift offered to a random lucky subscriber.

  1. Always responds to comments and interact with the already existing subscribers

This is where most YouTube channel owners flop, make an effort to reply to the comments of your existing subscribers and interact with them. This helps you to grow a loyal fan base that will then like and share your channel.

  1. Find a way of including a YouTube widget on your website or blog

If you have a blog or a website you can include a YouTube widget that links to your YouTube channel. On this you could ask your website’s visitors to subscribe to your channel.

  1. Observe what your competition is doing

Observe the channels of your competitors and learn about things they are doing that is making them succeed. You can then replicate that yourself on your channel.

  1. Allow your viewers know about what the next video will be about

It best to tell your viewers when your next video will be coming and what it is going to be about. This can help in convincing some of them to subscribe in order not to be left out.

  1. You could also make use of the channel trailer feature

This is an amazing tool that YouTube channel owners can make use of to showcase their content and brand to their viewers.

  1. Engage other bloggers

You could also market your video through the blogs and websites of other bloggers who have large followers and fans. You can do this by linking your YouTube channel to such blogs or websites.

  1. You can host guest (industry experts)

You could also increase your subscriber base by hosting leaders or particular industries in your videos. This will lead to an increased viewership of your channel and possible subscription. 

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