COVID-19: How the Pandemic Has Changed Engagement Ring Shopping

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No one could have guessed what the end of 2019 had in store for the world and within a few months of the health crisis in Wuhan China, the virus had travelled to the corners of the world, sparking global lockdowns in an effort to stop the spread of this killer virus.

Despite the social distancing and lockdowns, life still goes on and if you are planning to ask your partner for her hand in marriage, there are online solutions when it comes to the ring.

Here are a few of the ways that engagement ring shopping has changed since the arrival of the Coronavirus.

  • Online Services – Rather than showing up at a jewellery store, the best solutions is to use Google to source handcrafted engagement rings in Brisbane from a celebrated custom jeweller. You can use a video platform such as Zoom to have a conference call with the jeweller, who can show you many stunning engagement rings. Each diamond would have a GIA Certificate of authenticity, which tells you the stone’s properties. Once you have chosen the ring and are sure it is the right size, a secure online payment will see the ring boxed and sent by special courier to your home address.
  • Virtual Jewellery Inspections – While you might not be able to go to the jewellery store in person, the next best thing is for the jeweller to handle a selection of rings, which you can inspect virtually. All it takes is a Zoom virtual call to connect you with the jeweller and he will spend as much time as you wish, showing you their impressive catalogue of finished rings. Of course, you will need to know your beloved’s exact ring size, which might pose a problem if you are planning a surprise, but one way or another, you do need to know her size of wedding ring finger.
  • Designing The Engagement Ring From Scratch – Even with global lockdowns in place, you can still have a diamond engagement ring designed by a skilled custom jeweller. Start with a Google search to locate a local custom jeweller with pink Argyle diamonds for sale and you can communicate via video conferencing, allowing you to convey your design concept to the jewellery maker. The design stage might take a few days, but once the design and price has been agreed, the work can begin and in no time, the ring will be ready and shipped to your home address by special courier.
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Despite travel restrictions and lockdowns, it is still possible to go through the process of sourcing the perfect diamond ring for your up and coming wedding, as video calls make this possible and you can take as much time as you need. Many businesses have managed to overcome COVID-19 by offering virtual services, which eliminates the need for human contact and that helps stop the spread of the virus.

Search online for a custom jeweller today and take the first steps to creating the perfect diamond engagement ring that will wow your fiancée.

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