Tips to Prevent Hair Damage While Swimming

Swimming is a great physical fun activity that helps to relax and rejuvenate the body. Nonetheless, as a frequent swimmer in chlorinated swimming pool water, your hair could get damaged. So how can you help prevent your hair from getting damaged by water when swimming?

Of course there are several tips that you can follow to help protect your hair from damage that can be caused on it by harsh water. In this Korean hair care routine guide, you are going to learn about the various tips that can help you protect your hair whilst you swim.

Always have you hair oiled

Oiling your hair is by far the best way to ensure the health of your hair in general. Moreover, by having your hair oiled, you will essentially be protecting it from chlorinated water. Oil works by penetrating the hair shaft and thus preventing water from entering the cuticle. This helps to alleviate swelling and drying of the cuticle. Furthermore oil helps seal gaps that are found between the cuticle cells effectively preventing chlorine from getting into the cuticles.

Oiling your hair before you go out to swim also helps to provide a protective layer on your scalp making it waterproof. Nevertheless, it also prevents fading of your hair color thus maintaining its natural shiny look. Oiling hair is perhaps the most effective winter hair care routine that is easy to perform.

It is good to wear a swimming cap

One of the best methods to prevent your hair from getting damaged while swimming is by wearing a swimming cap. The cap helps cover all of your hair thus eliminating any contact with water and keeping it dry.

Use a hydrating hair conditioner before you dive

Hair Damage while swimming

Apart from oil, a hair hydrating conditioner could be the right product that protects your hair damage when swimming. Using a hydrating hair conditioner helps to provide a protective coating to your hair strands against chlorinated pool water.

Even after swimming, a good quality hair conditioner or hair gel will help to re-hydrate your hair thus preventing any further damage by hard or chlorinated water.

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You can twist or braid your hair before taking the dive

If you have long and natural hair, it can easily get tangled when it is wet and that’s why before you take the dive, braid or twist your tresses in various sections. This will help you to easily detangle your hair when it is time for you to clean your mane after swimming.

Some of the easy styles of twits or braids that you could apply include a high bun/ponytail or French braids. Braiding of hair is one of the simplest and commonly used sports hair care tip by sports people and athletes. 

Simply dry your hair well after swimming

Make it a habit to always dry your hair after swimming as this also helps to avoid the problem of hair tangling. Avoid going to bed before drying your hair well after that dip in the ocean water or swimming pool.

You can always use a good hair blow dryer to help drive out the moisture to help keep your hair absolutely dry and detangled. Nonetheless, sleeping with your hair wet could also cause unpleasant smell from your hair the next day!

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