Pros and Cons of C-Section v/s Normal Delivery

It is always the hope of every pregnant woman to have short labor and safe delivery free of any complication. A good delivery is that where the new mother will experience normal labor and contractions and simply push the baby out safely.

Problem is that it usually doesn’t turn out that way in most cases and therefore some babies have to be taken out of their mother’s wombs via C-section.

While it may be your joy to have a baby through the normal vaginal birth, it makes sense for you to learn why sometimes C-sections may need to be performed.

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Here in this article we discuss the pros and cons of C-section v/s normal delivery:

The pros

  • C-Sections are usually performed when a mother cannot deliver in the normal traditional vaginal delivery method. There are times when the baby in the womb may be too big to be delivered by the mother via the vagina and only C-section may be the last resolve to help save the life of both the mother and unborn baby.
  • C-sections come in handy when a doctor has established that the baby to be delivered has got certain birth defects which may be risky if the baby is delivered by way of vaginal delivery.
  • When the mother of the baby is sick (i.e. HIV or genital herpes) the baby is usually delivered via C-section to help protect the baby from getting the infection.
  • C-section is also often needed when the mother to deliver is pregnant with multiple babies thus making it risky to deliver all of them safely under the traditional vaginal delivery.
  • Sometimes if the mother had a C- section procedure before, she can develop complication in her next delivery when trying to do so under the normal vaginal delivery.
  • There could be an increased risk of potential problems with the mother’s placenta in future pregnancy.

The cons

  • C-sections have more risk than normal vaginal delivery.
  • Mother who have undergone C-section usually need to remain hospitalized for many days to properly heal.
  • Due to the incision that is often made, complications of bacteria attacks on the wound is highly possible in a C-section procedure.
  • There are some women who have reacted negatively to the anesthetic medications used during the procedure.
  • There are risks involved such as increased bleeding, possibility of life-threatening blood clots, possible injury to the baby, reaction to medicines used, possible bladder or bowel injury, etc.

Normal delivery

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Most women usually want to delivery without complications via the normal traditional vaginal route. This however doesn’t mean that there are those who also prefer to deliver by way of C-section for reasons only best known to them.

Well, if the health of the mother at the time of delivery is okay, natural delivery by way of vaginal route it the best. There is usually reduced bleeding and chance of infection as is the case of C-section where the wound may need to be carefully kept clean and disinfected all the time until it is properly healed.


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