Vitamin C – Its Benefits for Health, Hair, and Skin

Vitamin C is a very essential nutrient for human consumption. Also known as ascorbic acid, it is a vitamin that is soluble in water and is naturally found in many foods, specifically in fruits and vegetables, also it is available in dietary supplements. Most humans consume 90% of vitamin C through regularly eating balanced diet foods and fruits. This is because when vitamin C is absorbed into the human body, it plays a very significant role since it acts as a powerful antioxidant.

Vitamin C Health Benefits –

These health benefits are mostly concentrated on how we humans eat on daily basis routines. It helps in the prevention of a variety of problems that are related to our health. These health problems may include; Scurvy, which is a skin condition and helps to keep the skin healthy.

Fruits and vegetables with vitamin c

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It prevents free radicals that can damage body cells, tissues and organs and helps to regenerate other tissues and also repair the damaged cells. Protection on a variety of cancers that is done through a combination of free radicals which helps in neutralizing the effects of preservatives that are found in foods that are packaged and may lead to the risk of different kinds of cancer.

Also, this vitamin helps by increasing the absorption of iron, whereby iron is present in the red blood cells. For people with iron-deficiency such as anemia, it is very important that they should consume an adequate amount of vitamin C so as to increase the process of iron absorption into the blood.

Medical research shows that use of supplemental vitamin C may shorten the duration for the symptoms of common cold, support the immune functionality and delay or even prevent cataracts.

Vitamin C Skin Benefits – 

Vitamin C Skin Benefits

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When used in certain concentrations of about 5% to 15%, Vitamin C is a component that is in most of the products that are applied for the purpose of skin care. Some of its benefits may include;

The Chemical structure – As it also called ascorbic acid, it is a chiral molecule which means it can be in two totally different forms that are not superimposable to one another. The ascorbic acid type, levorotatory enantiomer, which is found in plants and synthesized in animals is the one that is used in food products and cosmetics.

Increased Production of Collagen – Collagen substance that the human body produces naturally but the production decreases as you grow old. Vitamin C helps in repair of cells which leads to the decrease of wrinkles, gives you a glowing face and the signs and symptoms of growing old.


 Vitamin C Hair Benefits –

Vitamin C Hair Benefits

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Retaining hair color – vitamin C is a useful free radical for color retention and maintenance.  It is used in most hair care products as a preservative and since it is water soluble, it has no much concern for accumulation on the hair surface when low-poo or no-poo method is done.

Mild Clarifying Agent – Using vitamin C as a mild clarifying agent helps in the removal of mineral buildup that is accumulated on the hair surface. It improves in hair moisture acceptance that makes it soft and has more resistance to hair breakage and tangling.

Enhances Shine – With the use of lower pH of shampoos that are acidic, it makes the hair smooth and also tightens the surface cuticles of the hair hence rendering it a shinier and reflective look.


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