A Step By Step Guide for Applying an Eye Shadow

Most people tend to say that it is not easy to apply an eye shadow or eye make-up in general. But that is not true! The only hardest part that might seem a bit challenging is the learning process on how to make the application. Once you have mastered the entire process, the rest will be simple and easy for you.

When you are choosing an eyeshadow, you must consider some vital factors before proceeding with the purchase. You should pick the one that has the shade that compliments well with your eye color and also your skin tone. Moreover, you will also need make-up brushes for application. Ensure that you have at least two or more brushes since you will be using different shades of the eye shadow.

With all that said; we have prepared a step by step guide for applying eye shadow that will help you to do your eye shadow correctly with much ease.

Step 1

Apply primer for eyeshadow
  • Begin with an eye primer. It aids in creating a smooth surface for the make-up on your eyes.
  • Apply a concealer once the primer is dry. The concealer enables the eyeshade to stick well when you apply.
  • You can still use a foundation or an eye shadow base in place of a concealer since they both serve the same purpose.

Step 2

four shade eye shadow
  • To rock a natural look daily; use the four shades on palette. Pick a highlighter or facial highlighter that has a lighter shade than your skin tone.
  • Remember, you should not apply your eyeliner or mascara before using the eye shadow.

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Step 3

  • Start applying the lightest shade in your eye shadow palette.
  • You need to use your eye shadow brush, soft brush eye shadow below your eyebrows and on the inner side of the eye.

Step 4

  • In this step, apply the medium shade in your eye shadow palette.
  • On the inner corner of your eye, apply the lightest shade, and don’t forget to pat your brush before applying to eliminate excess eye shadow.

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Step 5

apply eye shadow
  • On the upper lash line, apply the darkest shade using a flat brush; making a half-moon shape.
  • To contour your eyes at the crease, always use a darker shade of your eye shadow.
  • In the inner-most corner of your eye that is where you should start from and to the outer-most apply less of the eye shadow

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Step 6

  • Pick a clean eye shadow brush that you will use to blend in your eye shadow. An important thing to note here is to ensure that you have blend the outer edges of the eye shadow that you’ve just applied to prevent uneven lines.

Step 7

apply eye shadow perfectly
  • The final step, apply a black or brown high pencil to your waterline. Ensure that you make it thick to get that Smokey look.

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