10 Best Home Remedies to Reduce Body Odour

Sweating is a natural process by which the human body regulates its temperature but it can also cause body unpleasant odor. Body odor affects many people and can be a real turn off to you. Deodorants have helped people to conceal body odor, but of late there have been concerns about the chemicals that the deodorants contain. The cumulative effect of such deodorants in the human body is said to be negative. For this, more and more people are moving towards safer and natural alternative to deodorants.

Here in this article, we take a look at the 10 best home remedies to reduce body odor:

  1. Sage oil
sage oil

Sage essential oil offers an effective remedy against body odor. Sage oil can be diluted with water and then sprayed directly onto the skin. Just be sure to avoid spraying onto sensitive areas of the skin. Sage oil works to alleviate body odor because it has antibacterial properties that help to fight bacteria present on the skin thus causing odor.

2. Apple cider vinegar

This can directly be applied to the underarms as well other body parts that are notorious for producing odor. To go about this, a half cup of ACV can be mixed with a cup of water and then used a homemade deodorant. ACV works because it is acidic in nature and this works best to kill bacteria and prevent them from forming.

3. Tamanu oil

Tamanu oil will help you alleviate body odor and its application is easy too. One just needs to apply it directly to the targeted area of the body like the armpits. It can be applied on a daily basis as it doesn’t have any negative effects on the body. It works best to prevent body odor because it has a deep scent the masks body odor. It also has antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties that help to combat body odor.

4. Peppermint oil

peppermint oil
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Peppermint oil can be mixed with some little bit of water and then sprayed on the target area. It can also be coconut or jojoba oil and then applied on the targeted area. Well, this product works to alleviate body odor because of its antibacterial properties.

5. Epsom salt

Warm some water and fill your bathtub with it and then pour about 2 to 3 cups of Epsom salt in there. You then have to soak in the bathtub and then relax.

6. Lavender oil

Use lavender oil by mixing it with cornstarch and baking soda then store the mixture in a dark place for a couple days. You can then use this mixture to apply on your underarms as you wish.

7. Tea tree oil

tea tree oil
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Tea tree oil can be diluted with water and then applied directly on the targeted area to help prevent odor. Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties that help fight body odor.

8. Lemon juice

Lemon juice is also a very strong and natural antibacterial that can be used for body odor control.

9. Tomato juice

Tomato juice
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Tomato juice can be used when it is mixed with warm water and then the mixture is applied on the underarms. Tomato is known to contain several health beneficial nutrients. It also has some antibacterial properties.

10. Rubbing alcohol

Drops of alcohol can also be applied on the armpits to help fight body odor.

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