10 Bun Hairstyles for Ladies with Short Hair

Having short hair doesn’t have to limit you on your desire to style your hair to look fabulous and elegant. While it may be true that most ladies out there who have short hair find it a little challenging to making different hairstyles. This should not be case as there are lots of hairstyle options even for women with short hair. You need to take many things in consideration such as you liking, your face shape for choosing a hairstyle etc.

So what hairstyles should you opt for if you have short hair? Well, this is the question most ladies with short hair usually ask. Fortunately, this article takes you through 10 bun hairstyles for ladies with short hair.

  1. The short bob bun
Bun hairstyle for short hair

Image Source: hairstylecamp

This is a god bun style for short hair that is so easy to make. In order to make it, brush all your hair upwards and then secure the top part with bobby pins. If your hair is too short to create bun that is of full size, you will need to create an outline of one.

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2. The messy top bun

Messy top bun

It is an extremely versatile bun hairstyle that can be designed to casual or even classy depending on the wearer’s preference. The best part about it is that it can be created quickly and easily and can be worn on any occasion.

3. Quirky faux bun

This is another bun hairstyle that will look perfect on you as long as you do it right. It looks best on those ladies with long faces.

4. The side braided bun

The side braided bun hairstyle is also another easy to create bun hairstyle that interestingly doesn’t need any form heat to create. Products that are used to create it are also minimal so you don’t have to worry much.

5. The messy side bun with a headband

high bun for short hair

Image Source: hairstylecamp

The days when the messy side bun with a headband was a preserve of the little ones are long gone and now adults wear it. Spice it up with a neat and stylish headband to make it look even elegant and superb.

6. The loose side bun

This bun hairstyle pampers a lady to look glamorous and exceptionally beautiful. A visit to an experienced hairstylist should help you achieve it.

7. The playful ballerina bun

playful ballerina bun for short hair
Image credit: Marc and Mandy show

This bun hairstyle is best for those who enjoy the messy look just talk to your hairstylist to revamp it for you to a softer and wearable style.

8. The pinned coils

pinned coils for short hair

Image Source: hairstylecamp

This is perfect for those who wish to get a messy bun for their short hair but can’t get it tied to even a ponytail. In this style, bobby pins will come in handy for you to do the trick.

9. The simple top bun

It is simple but can be designed to look complicated. It is a sure way to turn an ordinary burn to an exciting new level.

10 . The low rolled bun

This bun style is perfect for those ladies who want something they can create super-fast but still get something to make them look stunningly elegant. You may need a hairspray and a smoothening serum when creating it.


Make sure that opting for a hairstyle comes later but the health of your hair matters a lot. Every hairstyle looks great on healthy hair. Take good care of your hair and use a good hair oil regularly, opt for a good shampoo, hair conditioner and hair masks etc. Wear your hairstyle with confidence and elegance!

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