10 Foods Which Are Rich in Vitamin A

Vitamin A has got numerous health benefits in the human body and that’s why it is important for you to take foods that are rich in the vitamin. It is a fat-soluble vitamin that often plays an essential role in maintaining body growth, good vision, reproductive health, and better immune function.

Now let us find out the 10 foods that are rich in Vitamin A:

  1. Cod Liver Oil

Fish livers have very high content of preformed Vitamin A, a tablespoonful of cod liver oil provides approximately 4,080 mcg or at least 272 percent of the daily vitamin requirement.

cod liver oil capsule

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Cod liver fish oil and other fish oils have the richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids. These help to alleviate issues such inflammation, protect the heart, and can also prevent or treat depression.

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2. Beef Liver

Most animal livers provide very rich sources of vitamin A for the fact that animals store vitamin a in their livers. Just a 3-ounce serving of fried beef liver contains upwards of 6,582 micrograms of vitamin A which translates to 444% of the DV.

3. Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato

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Sweet potato is a root vegetable and the Vitamin A present in it is in the form of beta carotene. According to some research, beta carotene may protect against prostate cancer or colon cancer.

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4. Carrots

Carrots are some of the best natural foods with a high Vitamin A content, just a half cup of raw carrots contain at least 459 mcg of Vitamin A which is around 184% of the DV.

5. Spinach


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Green leafy vegetables are known to be highly rich in health beneficial nutrients and spinach is no exception. A half-cup of spinach that is boiled provides a serving of 573 mcg of Vitamin A which translates to 229% of the DV.

6. Black-eyed Peas

Besides plant-based proteins, beans also provide the best fiber content. Every cup of boiled black-eyed peas contains 66 mcg of Vitamin A which translates to 26% of the DV.

7. Broccoli


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This is yet another excellent source of Vitamin A. Just a half-cup provides 60 mcg which is 24% of a person’s daily vitamin requirements. To get the Vitamin A content in Broccoli you can cook it by steaming, roasting, or even frying it in other foods like meats or add to salads.

8. Tomatoes

Commonly used as natural additives when cooking various foods, tomatoes provide the best source of Vitamin A. Tomatoes provide several health benefits because they contain some of the best health beneficial nutrients.

9. Herring

Herring is a fatty fish and in that a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids which are great for brain and heart health. Herring provides one of the best sources of Vitamin A. 3-oz serving of pickled Atlantic herring provides 219 mcg of Vitamin A which is 15% of a person’s DV.

10. Dried Apricots

dried apricots

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A snack of dried apricots will not just offer a sweet treat snack but also a rich source of Vitamin A.

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