Top 11 Tips for Neck Skin Care

All girls want to have a younger looking skin. When we talk about a younger look then our skin plays the most important part, isn’t it? Though we girls take care a good care of our facial skin but our neck is one of the most neglected one. Do keep in mind that our neck’s skin is as tender and soft as our facial skin so proper care of the neck is necessary for a younger look.

When we are young and mostly in our teens or in our 20’s then our whole body naturally looks young and pretty but once we reach mid 30’s then sometimes our neck area tends to get dark. Thus proper care of your neck part becomes extremely important in our mid 30’s.

Neck Beauty

Today we are sharing some handy tips that will surely help you in beautifying your neck area and get younger looking skin.

Tip 1

Always massage your neck area if you are massaging your face. Your neck’s skin is very delicate and it too needs proper care like facial skin.

Tip 2

Massage in a proper way and direction. Never massage in circular movements or from upper to lower area. Always massage your neck with light palms in vertical movements from lower to upper region.

Tip 3

Do use different oils to nourish your neck skin. Opt for right oils which are light and pure oils such as olive oil, sweet almond oil, rose oil etc., these are a good option when it comes to neck massage.

Tip 4

Never overdo the neck massage thing. Too much of massaging can strain the neck. Do a light massage of 10-12 minutes and take one of two minutes break in the massage.

Tip 5

Use fruits like ripe banana, plums, apple as neck and face mask. Never forget to apply a face mask on your neck once you are applying the same to your face.

Tips 6

Never ever allow your neck or face mask to dry. Mud pack and packs of gram flour (besan) or wheat flour (atta) etc. tend to get dry soon. Always wash them before they get complete dry on face and neck.

Tip 7

Go for mild exfoliation to your face and neck. Use gentle strokes and don’t exfoliate for more than 4-5 minutes.

Tip 8

Always use mild face wash on your neck while taking bath. Don’t use harsh soap or face wash on your neck.

Tip 9

Always wear a sunscreen 30+ SPF (at least) while going out on a sunny day.

Tip 10

Always tone your neck with a toner when toning your face, be it at night or after a shower.

Tip 11

You can use ice cubes to take care of open pores on your face and neck. But make sure you don’t catch cold.

So, guys hope you like these 11 beauty tips to get a beautiful neck. Do share with us some other tips to beautify the neck area by commenting below.

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