10 Best Foods Which Help in Removing the Cancer Risk

There are no foods to help protect people completely against cancer and the term cancer-fighting foods simply refers to foods that may help lower the risk of a person to develop cancer when added to the diet regularly.

In this article piece we are going to look at the 10 best foods which may help to remove the cancer risk:

  1. Apples –

you probably have heard the phrase that goes ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Well, this phrase is actually true because apples contain polyphenols which have positive cancer fighting properties. Polyphenols are plant-based compounds that are anti-inflammatory and also help to prevent cardiovascular disease and other infections.

2. Berries – berries are known to be highly rich in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibers. Lately, scientists have shown their interest in berries for their antioxidant properties and their potential health benefits. A compound found in blackberries called anthocyanin, helps to lower biomarkers for colon cancer. In another study, it has been demonstrated the anti-inflammatory effects of blueberries help to prevent the growth of breast cancer on a study that was conducted on mice.

3. Cruciferous vegetables – cruciferous vegetables including kale, broccoli, and cauliflower contain health beneficial nutrients which include; vitamin K, vitamin C and manganese. There is yet another plant compound found in these vegetables known as sulforaphane that has anticancer properties.

4. Fatty fish – various species of fatty fish including marcel, salmon, and anchovies are usually rich in minerals like; potassium, vitamin B, and omega-3 fatty acids. Studies show that the health beneficial nutrients that are found in fatty fish help to fight various types of cancer such as colorectal cancer.

5. Walnuts – the American Institute for Cancer Research say that all nuts have cancer-preventing properties although scientists have centered their research on walnuts more. Walnuts contain a certain substance called pedunculagin that is metabolized by the body into urolithins. This substance is said to be very effective at preventing breast cancer.

6. Tea – tea is said to contain several antioxidants in it which help to prevent several ailments including cancer. Women who make it a habit to drink black tea on a daily basis are helping to reduce their chances of developing ovarian cancer.

7. Avocados


– this fruit has got several health benefits as it contains healthy monounsaturated fats. These have been proven to help the body to better absorb anticancer antioxidants. Lycopene an anti-cancer agent is actively available in avocados and therefore eating a piece of the fruit at least once every day helps to reduce your chance of developing cancers.

8. Cabbages – cabbages are also said to help fight colon cancer and therefore making them part of your diet can greatly help you steer clear of colon cancer.

9. Coffee – experts encourage you to have a cup of coffee at least once a day because it contains anticancer substances.

10. Dates – with their high polyphenol content you should strive to include them in your diet to help you keep cancers at bay.


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