Must Have Fashion Essentials!

When we talk about fashion, we generally come with up with an idea of lots of stylish dresses, isn’t it? But fashion is not just about fashion dresses, its a lot more than that. Today we are going to discuss about some of the most important and must have fashion essentials such as jewelry, large capacity backpack etc. which every fashionista should own. So without wasting much of time, let’s check out our list of “Must have fashion essentials”:

Fashion dresses: When we talk about fashion, dresses are one of the most important and essential stuff. Go for stylish and classy dresses and experiment with your looks. After all, fashion is all about style and trying new trends. Do check out “Newchic Summer Sale” for beautiful dresses and other fashion accessories.


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Cool pair of sunglasses:  We generally undermine the importance of sunglasses. These sunglasses not only help protect our eyes from the harmful rays of the sun and the dust but also make a style statement. Grab a cool pair of sunglasses and look stylish.

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Stylish shoes: Trust us, what you wear in your feet matters a lot! Generally shoes and women’s boho sandals are one of the first things which anyone sees when he/she meets you for the first time. So make sure, you have some very classy, stylish shoes with you such as flat espadrille shoes. Be it sport shoes, boots, formal shoes or heels, wear the one in which you feel comfortable and which goes well with the occasion and your personality. .

Elegant and classy jewelry: Jewelry can truly make or break your whole look. If you want to make a style statements then do opt for some classy and elegant jewelry.

Pretty handbags: Opt for some pretty handbags and get a collection of some basic handbags for yourself such as cross body bags, wallet, clutch bag, hobo bag etc. A vintage leather wallet is a must have.

Hair accessories: Using some unique and pretty jewelry can truly take your whole look to a very high notch so do show some love for your hair with some pretty and unique hair accessories.

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  1. This is why I like my eyeglasses, they are transitions, even though I don’t like regular sunglasses because they are hard to see out of because they are so dark, but the eyeglasses are like your are looking through regular glass even though they give the look of sunglasses that I don’t like lol. My go to hair accessory is for sure my scrunchie, I will never not wear it lol. I don’t know if my fanny pack counts as a handbag but that is what I use :). I don’t normally wear jewelry or dress at all though.

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