9 Things to Do Just Before an Interview

Are you preparing for an interview? And now the interview time has finally come? We know that interview scares most of us and we tend to become nervous and anxious when we are about to face an interview. Today we are sharing 9 quick things that you can do to be cool and calm just before an interview.

How to prepare for a job interview
  1. Go early to the interview venue:  You should reach the interview venue early so that you don’t get much nervous in case you reach late to the interview venue. Don’t go inside, simply get familiar with the place where the interview is going to be conducted.
  2. Stay cool and calm: As many of us tend to get stressed while at the interview venue so stay cool/calm and distract your mind and tell yourself that you will do great in the interview.
  3. Listen to music: One of the best ways to stay cool is to listen to a soothing music or sound.
  4. Don’t rehearse at the interview venue: When the interview is about to begin then stop rehearsing for the same.
  5. Breathe: Take deep breathes; it calms you down and releases stress.
  6. Stay focused on your posture: Make sure you maintain a good and positive body posture.
  7. Become friendly with office guards/ receptionist: This will make you feel good and confident. Pass a smile to people sitting or walking-in the waiting room.
  8. Look in the Mirror: It is the time to see that how you look. Go to a washroom or check out a nearby mirror. Make sure you look neat, clean and tidy.
  9. Feel happy and think positive: Fill your mind with happy thoughts. A happy and positive state mind attracts others and puts your mind in a right state.

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