10 Tips For Taking Perfect Care of Your Jewelry

Pieces of jewelry are the most intimate and treasured accessories that always have sentimental attachment for buying them. For example a mermaid jewelry will be a choice for someone who expresses their love for the ocean. Knowing how to best care for them is essential as it will keep them in good shape. Learning how to take excellent care of the jewelry yourself is great! Here are some quick tips to take care of your jewelry to avoid tarnishing or damage.

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1. Store Your Jewelry Separately

Keeping your pieces together is the worst thing you can do to your collection. Jewelry can get damaged on storage mostly since they come into contact with each other hence getting scratches. A good idea to implement here is to ensure that your pieces are well stored and can’t collide with each other.

2. Keep Your Jewelry Dry and Away from Skin

Avoid wearing your pieces with lotion, which can damage the finishing of your jewelry, especially custom ones like customized rings. Always wear your jewelry first, then apply your cream. Also, ensure that your pieces of jewelry are correctly dry.

3. Keep Air Out

Store your jewelry where minimal air penetrates in to avoid moisture or dust clinging to your pieces. Another tip is to place a piece of chalk or silica to absorb moisture.

4. Wipe Your Jewelry Off Before Storing

It would help if you always clean your pieces before storing them. When you wear your jewelry for a whole day, it is expected to collect dust particles or even moisture; thus, you should clean them off and store them. 

5. Regular Check of Your Jewelry

When storing or wearing your pieces, always ensure that you take a close of them. In case they are damaged or got dirt on them, you can take proper action.

6. Avoid Leaving Your Jewelry in Sunlight

When jewelry is exposed to sunlight for a long time, they fade and become dull, especially the color of gemstones.

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7. Apply Nail Polish

Applying nail polish is a great hack tip to consider for your jewelry. Apply clear nail polish on your pieces that directly have contact with your skin. Best for handcrafted jewelry such as the Jeulia. 

8. Put Your Jewelry Last

Wear your jewelry last to avoid chemicals from the make-up or perfumes which can destroy your jewelry. It will be best to put your jewelry last to complete your look.

9. Know When To Remove Your Jewelry

Jewelry is a delicate piece, and you should handle them with care. It is best to take off your details when swimming, playing sports, or doing chemical work. Also, some jewelry can damage your hand when you sleep with them since they are big, like the skull rings.

10. Put Your Jewelry in a Case

Are you a person that travels often? This tip will be beneficial to you. Putting your jewelry together with other things in your suitcase will cause scratches to your pieces because of tossing them here and there. Traveling time is when your jewelry is at a high risk of damage. The solution here will be to store your jewelry in a case designed for this purpose. 

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