10 Amazing Benefits of Banana for Health, Hair and Skin

The banana is a common fruit in many countries but not much attention is given to it with regards to its nutritional and health benefits. By eating bananas you stand to gain lots of health benefits that you shouldn’t overlook. Indeed eating bananas is quite simple but the benefits you stand to gain are just immense. Here in this article, we list for you some 10 amazing benefits of bananas for your health, hair and skin. Read to find out more below:

  1. Bananas can help maintain optimum blood pressurea piece of one banana is said to contain up to 467 milligrams of potassium. Potassium is a good mineral that’s known to control blood pressure. Better blood flow in your body ensures the good functioning of your heart and its overall good health.

10 Amazing Benefits of Banana for Health, Hair and Skin
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2. Enhanced brain health and performance – bananas are highly rich in vitamin B6, a vitamin that helps to improve cognitive function in people. The high magnesium content in bananas supports better electrical activity between nerve cells of the brain. With this, eating more bananas helps to improve cognitive function and even goes further to enhance brain health.

3. Bananas help to alleviate anemia – bananas have got a high iron content and are thus ideal for people who suffer from anemia. People suffering from anemia usually have low count of red blood cells. Having low amounts of hemoglobin is often associated with feelings of fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath, etc. With all these facts, why not try eating bananas when you are experiencing low levels of red blood cells? They are truly a natural method for you to increase your red blood cells count without using over the counter medications which may cause come with undesired side effects.

4. Bananas may help with weight losscurrently there isn’t any scientific study that has been done to establish that bananas help reduce weight. However, there are various qualities of the fruit that makes it a good candidate for weight loss. Bananas usually have very few calories and besides this, the fruit is sweet and makes you feel full after eating it. The high fiber content in the fruit also helps to prevent weight gain.

10 Amazing Benefits of Banana for Health, Hair and Skin

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5. Bananas can help to bring about healthy hair – not many people know that bananas have got incredible health benefits for the hair too. Yes, Bananas are rich in vitamins, biotin and minerals that are needed for good strong and healthy hair. If you are tired of pesky hair, why not try using bananas and you will see the amazing benefits that you will achieve.

6. Bananas for healthy skin – bananas can actually help to cure your skin naturally. Don’t know how to do this? Well, rub a peel on acne affected skin before going to bed and you will be amazed at how your face will be like the next morning.

7. Bananas can help soften the skin – the banana pulp is ideal for helping soften the skin thanks to its vitamin A and potassium content.

8. Treats hair loss as well as dandruff – this can be achieved by application of a mixture of mashed banana on the hair for a period of one month.

10 Amazing Benefits of Banana for Health, Hair and Skin

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9. Conditions the hair – if you have frizzy hair, a banana may be all you may need to naturally condition your dry and frizzy hair.

10. Hydrates the skin – if you have dry and dull skin then a banana can bring you the difference that you crave. Simply. make a face mask with banana and apply on your skin. If you mash banana and then apply it on your face for a period of between 15-20 minutes, your skin will get moisturized again and you will get a glowing skin.


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