10 Easy Healthy Breakfast Recipes You Can Try at Home

There is no doubt that what you eat at breakfast sets the stage for the rest of your day. This is why you need to take interest when making your breakfast so you get only the best. Your breakfast need to be light but still rich in energy-boosting ingredients that will keep you active longer.

In this article we take you through some 10 easy healthy breakfast recipes you can try at home

  1. Cinnamon strawberry smoothie

Cinnamon strawberry smoothie is a great breakfast recipe for starting your day on a high note. It will keep you feeling full for the longest time possible but still giving you the perfect nutrients that you need to nourish your body. Ingredients include; cinnamon-spiked strawberries, and bananas. It is blended with non fat vanilla Greek-style yoghurt.

  1. Turmeric Scrambled Eggs

Eggs are highly loaded with proteins and fats that will help give you the energy that you need to jumpstart your day. Add some turmeric powder in the mix and you will get the perfect treat of breakfast.

  1. Spinach and eggs clouds

You need to eat healthy food at all times and your breakfast is no exception. In this eggs clouds and spinach recipe, you will whip egg whites into an ethereal to a cloud-like meringue. This will act like some fluffy cup that holds sautéed spinach.

  1. Popped Sorghum Granola

Sorghum is a gluten free grain that easily takes on popcorn quality when it gets heated. This makes it a great alternative to oats in a homemade granola. To add some sweetness to this recipe you can add almonds, pecans or agave.

Popped Sorghum Granola
  1. Coconut flour pancakes

Get coconut flour and top this with berries and maple syrup so that the recipe is dairy-free and gluten-free. It is quite easy to prepare and will help keep you feeling energetic and strong all day.

  1. Vegan breakfast burritos, elavegan

The vegan breakfast burritos are a perfect plant-based breakfast especially if you are vegetarian. You can get it filled with beans, roasted potatoes, avocados and mushrooms. You will like just how it is filling and help keep you satisfied all day long.

  1. Vanilla fruit salad

It is a fresh and fruity breakfast meal prep that is simple and easy to prepare. You can add some more fruits to it such as pawpaw or grapes to sweeten. You benefit from this recipe because it is a perfect low calorie snack.

  1. Bone broth

If you actually want a breakfast that is rich in protein then you’d better try bone broth. All you will need is some healthy good bone broth that is perfectly prepared.

Bone broth
  1. Avocado ricotta toast

Avocado toast has become a very popular go-for breakfast food for many people owing to its sumptuousness. Just ensure that you add clouds of ricotta on the avocado mash on put on a slice of brown bread.

  1. Dried black tea leaves mixed with hot milk

Black tea is so popular in the East African region households as a staple breakfast routine. Get some packed black tea leaves mixed with ground ginger. Heat some milk until it boils and then add the tea leaves into the mix.

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