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These days, silicone is used quite extensively in almost every field. It has become very useful element in our day-to-day life. From our home utensils to factory gadgets, and other industrial items, silicone has proved to be a very useful element for the human race. It has become quite difficult to imagine our lives without silicone. Let us first see what is silicone?

Silicon is used in the creation of silicone. Silicone oil is quite helpful as a lubricant, and it can be added to create hair, conditioners, shampoo, cosmetics. Silicone can also be used to create windows, roofs, pipes, rubber, etc. Reason behind that silicone is a good insulator, silicone is quite useful in creating electrical appliances as well.

Silicone is also quite useful in making contact lenses, bandages, and certain implants thus it is quite helpful in the medical industry. You name a particular silicone product and you will find how easy to use and useful it is when it comes to usage. 

As already said, silicone, is used in different industries and product. Silicone is a very versatile material and its unique properties include flexibility, durability, environmental stability and thermal stability. With the help of silicon, advancement and innovation in several industries is quite possible.

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