Styles and Trendy Designs of Glasses To Try Out Right Now

Hi all today we are going to discuss the styles and designs of glasses which you should try right now. 


Aviator means pilot. An Aviator is a frame design feature a teardrop shape of the lens. It was originally manufactured for pilots during the world war 1 era, so that the pilots wear a sleek and light alternate of pilot goggles. This kind of sunglasses are very common and popular since the worldwar era. These sunglasses are a popular choice for each and every age group and gender now days.


In these kind of glasses, a natural browline is accentuated on upper thicker portion of the frame and the bottom portion is thin. These browline sunglasses have been in vogue since the 1950s.

Cat Eye 

image credit: Lensmart

The cat eye snuggles is one of the most cool sunglasses among all. In the cat eye sunglasses edges of the frame sweeps upwards at the side edges. This gives a long eyelash look to the eyes thus giving a sassy look to the whole face. These sunglasses are well known for their glamorous look.

Rectangle glasses

These sunglasses are quite bigger in size thus give more length to a smaller face. Thus, if you have a small face then a rectangle glass should be your pick. These kind of glass frames are ideal for people with heart shaped face but these look classy on almost every person wearing them. 

Oval glasses

In case you have a square face, these oval glasses frames are for you. Whether you opt for oval prescription glasses or oval sunglasses, this glass frame looks the best, simple and classy. Simply perfect for bold as well as modest personalities. 

Square eyeglasses

These are one of the most simplistic lens frames that any one could wear. If you want a retro and iconic look, then these frames are for you. These glasses are best for people with round and oval faces. 

Wrap frame glasses

These kind of optical eyeglasses have a curve around the head so that extra protection is gained from the sunlight. These wrap sunglasses have a face hugging fit and are a perfect pick for active athletic people.

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