Best Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes

  1. Diamond-Shaped Faces

The primary goal on diamond shape face is to emphasize more on the face shape and not to balance anything on your face. The ideal hairstyles will create the look of a fuller and a broader forehead for your diamond shaped face.

diamond shaped face jennifer lopaz
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Try angled bobs that are longer in the front to cover up the thickness of the cheeks. Also, you can go for deep side parts or ponytails; if you want something, side-swept bangs are the perfect choice for you since they accentuate your cheekbones.

Avoid heavy hairstyles which makes your face appear smaller. Don’t opt for straight bangs hairstyle because they make your chin to look narrower.

  • Round Faces

For those people who have a round face, the primary objective is to make your face to look more oval. Short hair is perfect, especially for round shaped faces. Pulling up your hair into high pony aid to enhance your face.

Round face
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In round face, it’s all about creating height and length. Give choppy pixie cuts or long layered cuts a try. Avoid soft and wispy bangs because they highlight more of your features instead of a choice to have bold bangs.

  • Square Faces

The best hairstyles for the square face are the ones that soften the edges of your face line and add volume on your head.  If you want to add to your face shape, opt for short bob to display off your jawlines. On the other hand, if you desire to de-enhance, go for that will fall to the side.

square face
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Avoid hairstyles that are thicker because they draw attention to the angles of your face. Side parted styles; short layered bobs are ideal hairstyles to give a try.

  • Oval Faces

People with oval faces are considered to be lucky, reason been most hairstyles suit them. The ideal hairstyles for people with oval faces are styles that keep your hair off your face, hence displaying your face features. For an oval face, you want to avoid elongating your face.

Oval shape face
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If you like having long hair, try hairstyles with curls or waves and for looking to have short hair, opt for hair that clears the shoulder. Avoid heavy hairstyles with heavy bangs and the once with one length. You can try long waves or curls and lobs with the subtle layer.

  • Rectangle Faces

When selecting the best hairstyle for your rectangle face, go for hairs that don’t enhance elongating your face. Hairstyles like layered cuts, waves or curl are ideal for rectangle shaped faces.

Rectangular Face
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When selecting the best hairstyle for your rectangle face, go for hairs that don’t enhance elongating your face. Hairstyles like layered cuts, waves or curl are ideal for rectangle shaped faces.

Avoid styles that are much longer since might highlight more of your face.

  • Heart-Shaped Faces

The most suitable hairstyles for heart-shaped faces are hair that adds volume, especially on the bottom of your face; preferably shoulder length.  If you prefer long hair, loose side waves are best to bring attention away from your forehead.

Heart Shaped Face
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Avoid short bangs hairstyles since they make the chin appear narrower.

  • Long Faces
Long face haircut
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When choosing a hairstyle for your long face, consider the one that will make you appear fuller. For long faces is all about width and not length. The ideal hairstyles to opt for are ones with curls. Avoid longer hairs since they lengthen your face.

  • Triangle Faces
Triangle shaped face
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Your preeminent goal is to select a hairstyle that will minimize the look of your face at the bottom and balance the jaw. Avoid full, and alongside bangs instead, try out short side bangs or choppy pixie cuts. 

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