A Guide to the Types of Women’s Casual Shoes

There are some kinds of shoes or footwear that go well with almost every occasion and there are some kind of women shoes that look good only on a particular dress or occasion. In general the most used shoes are casuals when we talk about girls footwear.

footwear for girls
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Today we have come up with a list of the types of casual shoes for girls. Let’s begin:

  • Wedges: these wedges are quite comfortable to wear as compared to high heels; they give a polished look and make you look taller.
  • Canvas Shoes: shoes are always one of the most comfortable footwear for anyone. They are sportier as compared to ballerina shoes. They go very well with a jeans or t-shirt. They are very comfortable.
  • Lace ups: lace ups include canvas shoes, loafers, ballerina etc. they give a comfort of loosening or tightening of the shoes with the help of laces.
  • Ballerinas: these ballerinas are a flat slipper types shoes. They are one of the most common, useful shoes for girls. They come in a lot of variety.
  • Flip Flops: these flip flops are an awesome option for the summer season. Whether you are out for a beach holiday or walking at a pool side, these flip flops must be your picks.


Flats for girls
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  • Wellington Boots: these wellingtons are thick rubber boots which are a perfect option for a muddy field or a night out party. The Flat boots also look very chic.


Flat boots for girls
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  • Loafers: these are casual shoes which are elastic in nature thus the need for laces and fastening is almost negated. You can find a great variety of shoes of almost every type at Shoessee.
  • Mules: these mules are open from the back and closed from the front. Thus are a midway between closed shoes and flip flops.
  • Trainers: these are best use as a gym training shoes, yoga training thus justifying their name. They offer the right support and cushioning to your feet.
  • Gladiator Sandals:  these gladiator shoes are strappy shoes with a front T-Bar. These gladiator shoes look super chic with dresses like maxi dress, trousers, formal wear or even denims.

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