12 Best Things to Do Before You Die

When you have a plan, life can be so eventful. There are certain things that you must do before you die. Enrich your life with unforgettable experiences that can make you truly feel like you are making best out of your time yet you don’t need any super powers to do them. Below is a reading list of 12 best things to do before you die.

  1. Visit all seven continents.

You can use time zone difference as an advantage during your trip. Your travel would include visiting every continent across the world. Firstly you must think of where to start your trip, paying attention to dates and also the mode of transportation. Preferably the fastest mode of transportation is the best for your visit.

visit all seven continents before you die

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  1. Learn foreign Language.

There is always an advantage of learning another language. Foreign language is a boost for travelling. It is really a great asset towards cognitive process. You become smarter and achieve a perfect level of fluency as a learner and also become more decisive.

  1. Volunteer for something.

Volunteering intends to promotion of one’s goodness and help improve the quality of human life. Before you die volunteering is one of the best accomplishments to do. You can volunteer in emergencies, in schools, or even in developing countries

  1. Climb a Mountain.

Go to the peaks of mountains and spend the best of your memorable moments in your life there. It really feels good to be on top of a mountain. Some people do it as a hobby and may also involve hiking, crossing glaciers and also rock climbing.

  1. Go for camping.

Camping in the forest or in the wilderness for days, alone or with friends and family is an awesome experience that can happen in your life. Sleeping in a tent under the stars and cooking best dishes over the fire.

  1. Go to a major sporting event.

You can go to watch the world cup, the Olympics or national championships. Not most people in the world can manage to attend such amazing events due to busy situations. Make best out of this wonderful experience of your life by visiting such events.

sporting event

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  1. Try Bungee jumping from a hot air balloon.

Come up with great ideas of hot air balloon rides and just jump out of them without letting your friends know that you are about to jump off.

Bungee jumping from a hot air balloon

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  1. Try go sea Diving or Skydiving.

Dive into the waters and cut through the air just for fun. Enjoying these crazy activities really creates best memories of your life.


  1. Try Playing New Musical Instruments.

Take a master class in something you have absolutely no experience of. Like playing musical instruments that can make you feel better.

Try Playing New Musical Instruments

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  1. Research your Family tree.

You will never know what discoveries you will make.

Research your Family tree


  1. Learn how to cook your own signature dish.

Learning how to cook your own signature dish that your friends and family will be seriously impressed by really feels good. At least you should make this world the best place to live in together with the people around you.

  1. Get married.

Find someone who will be genuinely dear to you.


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