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If you love online cricket game, then you will not be disappointed. Dream11 is dedicated to all free cricket games. They follow the footfall of Cricket World Cup 2011 and putting our consideration that this is a big game especially in India, there are so many cash prizes and merchandises to be won. All you are required to is sign up and Play now. The collection of cricket games includes test catch games, batting games and many more. With every game in cricket, our wisdom and skills for the game are sharpened. As the game still continues we can predict the matches’ outcomes.

Do not get worried even if you have never played an online cricket game before. Playing this game is very simple. When registered to participate and play the cricket game on Dream 11, the next step it to log in and play. At this point, you will be required to make a combination comprising of two matches. For each match you will be allowed to play on factors for each team viz. save your chosen combination and you get into the online cricket game competition. You will be in a challenge with the other fans who also are supposed to have made their own combinations and saved them. You need to keep in mind a lot of things while selecting your team. Click here for some tips in selecting a successful cricket team.

Points are scored whenever your prediction is correct. Please know that your opponents are still scoring points. The grand winner of the online cricket game is the one who is fully equipped with the knowledge concerning the game. Each correct outcome of your prediction, you are awarded 3 points. If you had earlier selected bowler and outperforms the others, you are awarded 4 points, and if you had selected batsman and outperforms the others, you are awarded 5 points. A player can score up to a total of 42 points in a match. Based on the selection made after combination, the performance of your team in real matches and the results, points are awarded to the player. Your ranking determiner with other competitors at the end of the match is based on how many points you have gathered.

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Put your knowledge and skills of fantasy sporting to test. Come play online cricket game and know your position among other competitors who have great interest with the game. You can as well invite your friends and challenge them to find out who is the best on the game.

The best part of the game is seen when you get into a match with different players in the live arena. Make sure you have competed with friends to make it more enjoyable. It helps you to know more about who has a better knowledge of the game between you and your friends. All you need to remember is, this is a strategy game that is based on the outcomes that you selected and then the pools are closed. So if you want to stand a chance to win in this game, you are only required to brush up your knowledge and skills.


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