10 Natural Ways to Gain Weight

Most of the time we hear doctors advising people to maintain a healthy weight because being overweight poses numerous health risks to an individual. While many people are usually struggling to keep fit and cut down on their weight(loose weight), not much attention is often to people who are underweight. This could be due to the fact that the problem of being underweight affects not a very significant number of people. Mostly, more women than men suffer from the problem of being underweight. So, what can you do to naturally gain some weight for you to be considered healthy? Read on to find out more below:

  1. Eat lots of protein rich foods – protein is the single most vital nutrient that helps with healthy weight gain. Most muscle is usually composed of proteins and when the nutrient is lacking, the excess calories in the body often just ends up as body fat. If you really want to gain more weight ensure that your intake of proteins is increased but also do more exercise so you can build more muscle instead of body fat.
  2. Take in more calories than the body can burn – in order for you to gain weight quickly but naturally, you can take more food with lots of calories than your body can burn fast. Just be sure that the foods you take are not those processed that may have unhealthy calories for your overall health.
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  1. Always ensure that you take all your meals in time – one of the major causes of weight loss in people who are underweight is failing to take their meals the way they should. It is usually a good idea to take breakfast in the morning, take lunch in the afternoon, and finish with supper in the evening.
    1. Eat plenty of carbohydrates and include fats as well – if you are underweight you should aim to take in more carbohydrates and fats in your diet. Just ensure that in each meal, you balance with vegetables, proteins and minerals as well.

  1. Eat foods that are highly rich in energy – it is a good idea to eat energy-dense foods and use plenty of sauces and spices if your objective is to gain weight naturally and quickly. Spices and sauces help to make the food taste good and this can greatly help you to eat more.
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  1. Combine a high calorie intake with heavy strength training – even as you eat more food such as banana and other healthy snacks to get the calories that you need to get that extra weight combine this with more exercising and training. Training hard will help to convert the increased calories in your body into muscles instead of fats which are not desired. Strength training has also been found to make people feel the need to take in more food and this may help to increase your weight.
  2. Drink more milk – drinking more milk instead of water when you feel thirsty is a great way to add more protein and calories to your body.
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  1. You can add cream to your tea or coffee – cream is full of calories and can help you to add weight.
  2. Get quality sleep – poor sleep habits can cause you to lose weight so ensure that you have enough sleep.
  3. Avoid smoking – smoking has been liked to unhealthy weight loss, so just avoid the smoke and you will add some weight.


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    I ve food intolerances and I suufer that problem, I made many meals and eat a lot of apples and bananas, protein at principal meals but its a big problem to me!!


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