Eyeglasses Frames for Your Face Shape

Understanding the eyeglasses frame that suits your face shape is very important. And this is because not all eyeglasses frames will look good on you when you try them on; your face shape must compliment well with the eyeglass frame to achieve that perfect and attractive look. Different face shapes require particular eyeglasses frames. 

So, don’t select your eyeglasses frame based on how it looked on your friend, relative or a celebrity. Try to find out first your face shape before purchasing your eyeglasses frame. Remember, your face shape plays a crucial role in determining whether a particular style or type of glasses frame will look great on you.

Some of the other factors to keep in mind when choosing eyeglasses frames include; skin tone, cost, lifestyle, and personality. But, for today will focus more on face shape.

Are you still having challenges trying to figure out what kind of frame is right for your face? Well, you’re in luck today! In this article will have made a guide that will help you to understand and learn the different eyeglasses frames. And in the end, you will be able to know the eyeglasses frames that are the best fit for you.

  1. Round Face Shape

Round face shape has softer angles with broader cheekbones and broad jaw and forehead. To make your face round face appear slimmer go for square or rectangular eyeglasses frames. Also, angular and full frames are the best choices to consider.

Avoid eyeglasses frames with small or round frames. They make your face to look rounder since they add extra width and curviness to a round shaped face.

  • Oval Face Shape

The oval face is narrow at the forehead and jaw, with broad cheekbones. For this face shape, try eyeglasses frames with a strong bridge, full frames, and geometric in shape. Moreover, you can still opt for frames that are too deep or narrow.

Avoid frames that overlarge and ones that cover up half of your face.

  • Heart Face Shape

Heart face shape is broader at the forehead and narrows down towards the jaw. For you to draw attention to the top of your face and also to balance the width of your face, consider eyeglasses frames that are broad at the bottom.  Square, rectangular and aviator frames will work best with this face shape without any doubt. Another great choice to try is rimless and thin frames.

Avoid bottom-heavy, oversized frames, and steer clear frames of any color or style that will draw attention to your forehead.

  • Diamond Face Shape

Not many people have diamond-shaped faces; it is the rarest face shape. They have narrow jawline and forehead and have broad cheekbones.  The best fit for a diamond face shape is a rimless or oval frame that has strong bowling.  Cat eye frames shaped or detailing frames are good choices to consider.

Avoid eyeglasses with boxy and narrow frames.

  • Square Face Shape

Square face shape has a more jagged line with broad cheekbones, jaw, and forehead. To draw focus on your sturdy features choice oval or round glasses frames.  Nevertheless, frames with immense depth can be a perfect choice for you.

Avoid eyeglasses frames with angular and boxy shapes.

  • Oblong Face Shape

They have a long and straight cheek line. Try frames that have more depth than width to balance your face and highlight your facial features. The oblong face looks great in a round, rectangle or square shaped eye glasses frames with detailing on the temples. 

  • Base- Down Triangle Face Shape

Triangle face shape is most extensive at the jaw and narrow through to the forehead.  Go for frames that are accented with color and detailing at the top half of the frame to balance your face.  You can still try frames with cat-eye frames for another great option.

 Final verdict

Now that you have known the different types of face shape; with no doubt, it will be easy and straightforward for you to identify your face shape and the right eye glasses frames that suit you. If you find it hard to know your face shape, it will be better for you to seek further assistance from a professional optician.

After face shape, pick eyeglasses frames that fit your personality, lifestyle, and skin tone.  With you considering all this you will have that “killer look” that everyone will be admiring. When buying your eyeglasses frames think to check online store since they tend to have cheap eyeglasses online that are of good quality.

Now that you are well equipped to go and get yourself brand new eyeglasses frame.

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