I Can’t Sleep! What to do?

Clock has just struck 3 in the morning and are you still awake? Are you finding it too difficult to sleep right now? You have been in bed for sometime say for some hours but still can’t sleep? Due to all this you are feeling anxious and depressed? Don’t worry or don’t be anxious as insomnia is very common and 3 out of 5 people suffer from the same.

Actually, due to our hectic schedule and life we all feel stressed out and because of this we find it difficult to sleep. Apart from hectic schedule there may be other reasons that prevent us from falling asleep. Today we are going to discuss reasons that may be behind the problem of insomnia. The reasons for insomnia may differ from person to person. You can do following things or steps if you want to fall asleep as soon as you hit the bed. Lets go:

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Limit caffeine intake: drinking too much of coffee or tea may increase the caffeine or nicotine intake in your body and they are scientifically proved to be the reason behind lack of sleep.

Think positive: generally when we hit the bed, some of us think somethings that irritates us such as some negative thoughts so we need to stop thinking negative. Try to sleep without thinking about anything. Try to keep your mind blank.

Count sheeps: yes, sheep counting really works. This exercise makes the mind tired and you feel sleepy easily.

Listen to music: music truly soothes our mind. Listen to your favorite number and just see how magical this musical exercise is for your mind.

Meditate and exercise but don’t exercise just before going to sleep: exercise really works, it soothes body and mind thus aids to our sleep.

Go for a walk in the balcony or some different room of the house: if you are in the bed and feeling anxious due to your inability to sleep then get up and sit in some other room or take a mild walk in the balcony to grab some fresh air.

Schedule your day time for worrying: your bed is not the place to worry. Take a paper, write things that really bother you and throw that written paper in garbage, you will feel good instantly.

Opt for breathing exercises: Take deep breaths and concentrate on breathing in and breathing out.

You will feel better and more relaxed if you try these things on daily basis.

Keep these things in your mind and stay happy, feel blessed and have ample of sleep.

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