7 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Eggs

Eggs are claimed to be of high benefit and are highly recommended by nutritionist, doctors, and dermatologists for the amazing effect it has on the body.  Getting enough protein in your diet is very important for a healthy body since proteins are used to make all sorts of tissues and molecules that serve both functional and structural purposes for the body. Among these benefits are;

  1. Contributes to Weight loss –

Excessive weight is claimed to be the source of chronic illness such as cholesterol, diabetes and heart diseases.  Studies show that consumption of eggs helps in losing of excessive weight since it has fewer calories compared to other foodstuffs and boosts energy. Eggs are one of the low-carb healthy fats that reduce hunger.

Eggs boost metabolic rate and help in burning more calories due to the presence of high protein. Consumption of eggs causes more stable blood glucose and insulin response, while also suppressing ghrelin.

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2. Beneficial for Eyes –

An egg has antioxidants that assemble in the retina of the eyes. The retina of the eye is made up of a layer of light-sensitive cells that enable us to see and it is to be protected from UV light that damages the cells, the yellow pigment in the egg is the one responsible for protecting the eyes from UV rays. Eggs are rich in vitamin A which is an essential element for better eyesight.

The risk of eye disorders such as cataract and macular degeneration which is an almost unavoidable part of aging can be reduced by consuming adequate amounts of nutrients in eggs which also prevents degenerative behavior.

3. Prevents Fatigue and Boost energy –

Eggs contain vitamin B that converts food into energy. Therefore, consumption of eggs prevents iron deficiency diseases that highly contributes to fatigue. Protein found in eggs helps in synthesizes and maintain muscle which has an effect of endurance. It contributes to the strengthening of bones so as to survive injuries that are associated with the bones. It delays fatigue and enables the body muscles to be resilient.

4. Heart diseases Protection – 

Eggs contain nutrients such as betaine and choline which in return helps in protection of the heart from problems such as blood clotting and maintaining cardiovascular health.

Eggs contain choline, a nutrient that helps in building cell membrane and nerve signaling. It is an important physiological function including muscle control, nerve function and neurological development. Enough choline in your body protects the nervous system from damaging factors.

The 7 Amazing Healthy Benefits of Eating Eggs

Image Credit: Eatfitlivelong

5. For strong bones

One needs to consume a lot of calcium in order to gain and keep the bones strong. The body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium and lack of enough calcium in your diet can lead to fragile bones that are prone to suffer fractures and diseases.

It is a nutritional recommendation to consume eggs, the egg is rich in calcium that it cannot only restore bone density but helps prevents fractures and rickets effectively.

6. Prevents Early Aging – 

Consumption of eggs regularly helps in cell and tissue rejuvenation since it contains vitamin A which helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and laugh lines. It helps in shrinking large pores that might have been caused by acne and tighten the skin making it firm, regenerates skin elasticity.

7. Blood Pressure Maintenance –

Eggs contain potassium and attaining an adequate amount of this nutrient helps in blood pressure regulation. The protein found in eggs produce peptides which block the production of chemicals that raise the blood pressure and also protecting the heart from damaging factors such as stroke.


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