Why Pocket Watches Are Back In Trend

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We all know that trends tend to move in cycles, coming and going through the decades. One item that seems to be always stylish and is here to stay is the classic gentlemen’s pocket watch. Next time you are at a social event, take note of the men who have that tell-tale pocket watch chain visible from their waistcoat. Indeed, many young men have taken to collecting these stylish and elegant timepieces.

Sound Long-Term Investment

Acquiring antique and vintage pocket watches is a wise long-term investment, as the value rises over time, and with regular care and attention, these classic timepieces will continue to give you many years of pleasure. There are many different styles from the 17th century onwards, with craftsmen from all parts of the world who made stunning timepieces. Every few months, when you have some spare cash, visit the website of a reputable antique dealer and make another acquisition.

The Pinnacle Of Style & Good Taste

If you take a look at the antique watches, you can admire the fine timepieces from Waltham, Longines and Omega, to name but a few. As the English country gentleman look is back on trend, there’s no better way to accessorise than a classic pocket watch. With online solutions, there’s no need to risk COVID-19 infection. Simply login to the online antique dealer’s website and you can view a stunning collection of genuine pocket watches from many different makers and eras.

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The Focus Is On Hand-Made

As we move into the age of robotics, old man-made antiquities offer a refreshing alternative to the silicon chip, with reliable movements that are hand-wound, with workmanship of the finest order. You could start with a Hunter’s watch, with a gold case and protective cover. The easiest way to view genuine antique pocket watches is through the online antique dealer, where you can browse an extensive catalogue of classic pocket watches.

Classic Style

While you can dress well wearing modern clothing and accessories, there is something about an antique pocket watch that is timeless, and whether out for a Sunday stroll in the park or having lunch with friends, a classic antique pocket watch will get you noticed as a man of style who appreciates the finer things of life.

Starting A Collection

Most pocket watch collectors start off with a single timepiece that perhaps they received as a gift from a loved one, or it might have been a family heirloom that is handed down by your grandfather. Once you are the proud owner of a class pocket watch, you will want to view other makes. With free online resources, you can quickly become knowledgeable about these amazing engineering masterpieces. Even if you acquired a single pocket watch every year, it won’t be long before you have an impressive collection that will grow in value, while also providing elegant accessories for your wardrobe.

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You probably have quite a few smart, casual outfits that would be ideal for a pocket watch. As your wardrobe grows, so will your antique pocket watch collection.

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