12 Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog/Website for Free

These days blogging and making a website or a Youtube channel is one of the best ways to make money online. The main focus of a website/blog owner once it is up and running is to attract traffic to it because without the traffic it will be as good as nothing. Sadly, succeeding to get people trooping to your website/blog is not an easy task. The good news is that there are certain things that if done right will work wonders at generating massive traffic to any given blog or website.

In order to help you get more people to visit your website or blog, read the following 12 tips:

  1. Keep your content updated on a regular basis
Keep your content updated on a regular basis

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The more you write more content and also keep the content up-to-date, the more people will be coming to visit to sample fresh and new content. Google also has a tendency to offer high priority to sites that refresh their content on a regular basis. You can do this by updating your content every two times a week.

2. Make your titles better

Having a great title for your blog is as important as the content that you write, it is one of the most important blogging tips. A good title is what will influence a reader to click and want to read more.

3. Promote your blog/website with social media

When you share your blog post across your social media networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter chances of your social media followers getting to read your content also increases. So effectively your social media channels can be a great source of traffic for your website or blog.

4. Understand your niche

Writing about something you understand better helps you to write even great content that is helpful to your readers. With this, your readers will find your content helpful and thus your content will automatically sell itself to more readers.

5. You can use photos

Experts agree that use of photos helps to boost readership. This is due to the fact that human are visual beings who usually want to relate what they read to what they see.

6. Use relevant keywords appropriately

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Using keywords tactfully helps to increase traffic to a give website or blog. For this it is advisable that you keep every page of your website or blog to have the right and targeted keywords that readers are looking for.

7. Incorporate links

When you incorporate a link on your website or blog, it means that you put a link that directs readers to another company’s site. The company may be that which produces the product or service that you are talking about on your website or blog.

8. Add social media sharing buttons

Add social media sharing buttons

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By adding social media sharing buttons on your blog or website, you make it easy for your visitors to share it in those social media sites.

9. Add Video content

Adding video to content helps to enhance explanation and thus more traffic to your website. You can make a Youtube channel and increase its subscriber base to drive more traffic to your blog.

10. Promote your website or blog

You can invest in promoting your website or blog by investing in sponsored content via the social media channels. Facebook for instance offers paid promotion ads for blogs or websites via its platform.

11. Format and style your website/blog perfectly well

Formatting your website or blog well enhances its overall outlook and makes its readability easy and attractive. This effectively helps to drive more traffic it.

12. Be original and to the point

When publishing work on your website ensure that it is something that’s original and not copied elsewhere. It should also be to the point that it shows on the headline.

With these tips you can easily earn a lot of money online and can become a successful blogger.

4 thoughts on “12 Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog/Website for Free

  1. These sound like really good tips for someone who wants a lot of traffic on their site. I always see the one about niches and how we should pick one but personally I am not someone with a niche because of me personally, so I’m going to post about life, activism, rants, fandom, and true crime and if it gets me less hits than that is whatever you know what I mean.

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