Best Tips to Get Well Toned and Slim Arms

Having arms that are well toned and strong aids in making you look fit and definitely improves your general appearance. Toning you arms does not necessarily translate to bulky and muscular arms as some people may think. This has made especially women to avoid exercises that involve the arms. The truth is that by performing toning exercises the arms actually make the arms slimmer, leaner and beautiful! You get to build enough muscle as well as shed the excess fat.  

To get your arms well toned and slim, you need to put in more effort exercising the major muscle groups found in the arm and shoulder region. The exercises are pretty easy to perform. In fact you can do it at the comfort of your house or home without experiencing any difficulties. The exercises are meant to the biceps and triceps and the shoulders. You should also watch your diet and make appropriate changes. Below are some super tips to help you achieve you goal of getting rid of the excess fat and floppy arms. Within a short period of time you are assured of experiencing tremendous results!

  1. Exercise your Biceps on a regular basis

There are various ways through which you can thoroughly exercise your biceps and ensure they get well toned. They include;

  • Do curl resistance band exercises
Do curl resistance band exercises

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To do this, you have to stand then spread your feet shoulder-width apart with a resistance band firmly secured under your feet. Next, get hold of your resistance band ends one in each hand at your sides. Having done that, slowly pull your hands towards your shoulders and consequently slowly drop them to release the tension. Take back your hands to the side and repeat the same.

  • Perform some concentration curls
Perform some concentration curls

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To do this form of exercise, you need to sit on chair and ensure your legs are spread out slightly. Having done that, take a dumbbell in the arm you want to work out then lean forward in such a manner that the arm has its elbow aligned close to the same near but note that it shouldn’t be resting on it. Gently or slowly swing your arm downwards to the floor. Having done that, slowly swing it back again to the shoulder. Perform a set of ten and make sure you do the same for both arms.

Other exercises you can perform to exercise your biceps are doing an upright row and dumbbell hammer curls among others.

  1. Exercise Your Triceps

Some of the exercise you can perform to tone your triceps muscles include;

  • Doing the triceps swing
Doing the triceps swing

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In this case, first lie straight on your back on firm ground or the floor. Secondly, you got to bend your knees with a dumbbell in each hand. At all times ensure your arm is slightly off the ground/floor. Keep your arms straight then raise your right arm over the chest.  At the same time, ensure your left arm is kept overhead. Lower your right arm to the point you started and repeat the about 15 times then do the same for the left arm.

  • Perform a bench dip
Perform a bench dip

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 To do this exercise, you need to bridge the space between two benches by putting your hands on one them and your feet on the other bench with your front body facing up. Having put yourself in that position, use both arms to help your drop your body slowly below the upper bench. Consequently, push you body back up to the starting point. You can use some weights on your laps as a way to increase difficulty experienced while performing the exercise.

Other exercises you can perform to tone the triceps are; doing a dumbbell kickback, close grip pushes, and dip kick among others.

  1. Exercise your Shoulders

Some of the exercises meant for your shoulders are;

  • Doing cable upright rows

To perform the exercise, stand with the feet spread out shoulder with apart and have the resistance band underneath. Get a good grip of the resistance band with both hands in front of you then gently pull it towards your chest as if rowing a boat. Slowly drop back your hands to the sides then repeat the exercise.

  • Performing a lateral raise
Performing a lateral raise

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By doing this form of exercise, it will help you work on the deltoids. You need to stand upright and have a good grip of a dumbbell in each arm. After that, bend the hips slightly then turn your arms slightly and bring them outwards and up. Having done that, take them back slowly to your sides, and repeat the same exercise.

Other exercises you can work out for your shoulders are performing Arnold presses and doing dumbbell upright rows etc.


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