Most Popular Engagement Rings this Season

There are many in-and-out trends when it comes to wedding jewelry especially engagement rings, such as Diamond rings and Moss agate rings etc. Today in this article we are going to share the most popular and trendy engagement ring styles which are gaining a lot of attention in the sphere of wedding jewelry.

The best way to find out about the engagement ring trend is checking the data of real couple and what they wear as an engagement ring in general life. Lets delve deep into the topic and check out what type of ring the real couples are wearing as an engagement ring right now:

What is the most popular engagement ring style and trend right now?

These days, its seen that the couples are preferring to wear a fancy-cut diamond centre stone engagement rings. 

What is the most popular shape of an engagement ring?

According to the study conducted by The Knot, the most popular style and shape of an engagement ring is a round-cut center stone. This claim data is backed by experts such as Shannon Delany-Ron who is a CMO for an online ring retailer. According to experts the  appearance of a round-cut center stone engagement ring provides versatility, is full of sparkle and is timeless.

Other emerging trends and styles of engagement style

Alexandrite engagement rings

Though a diamond engagement ring has always been very popular but other rings such Alexandrite engagement rings are gaining a lot of popularity these days. The couple should always look out for new trendy engagement ring styles to make their engagement a little different and one of the most memorable days of their lives.

Oval engagement rings

Round has always been the favourite of most of the couple but these days oval engagement rings are gaining a lot of popularity. Its seen that the craze for the round diamond cut rings are fading and oval engagement rings are filling up the void due to their timeless appeal and classy look.

What is the most popular metal?

It’s the white gold! Most of the couples now prefer to opt for white gold in comparison to yellow gold for its charm and classy look. For instance Emerald rings for women in white gold look super trendy and amazingly attractive and beautiful. 

Final lines

Buying an engagement ring is a tricky task. Isn’t it? As the styles and trends of engagement rings come and go. Stick yo your personal choice and buy an engagement ring which best suits your and your partners personal style and comfort. 

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